Reduce foot stress with Anti Fatigue mat

What is an Anti-fatigue mat and how does it work?

Standing for a long period of time is tiring. Ask any lab worker, airline staff, hotel receptionist, barber, store assistant, surgeon, factory worker, sit-stand desk user. They will all tell you that after standing for a while, their legs and feet pain and that they get a feeling of fatigue.

Why does this happen? For one, standing on a hard surface puts pressure on your feet. Secondly, it may result is loss of blood circulation and this too gives a feeling of tiredness and fatigue.

Fatigue from standing is not limited to office workers. It also effects those who work at home. Standing and cooking (or preparing food to be cooked), playing video games that require you to stand, or using a standing work desk at home, all lead to foot and leg fatigue.

How do you resolve this and reduce foot fatigue 

  1. Give yourself a break from standing - put your feet up or take a nap!
  2. Rotate your feet from the ankles
  3. Use a foot rest while sitting on your desk
  4. Use an Anti-fatigue mat like the one available on

How does an Anti-fatigue mat work ?

An ant-fatigue mat is a cushioned floor mat that has a harder outer layer. The design is such that when you stand on the anti-fatigue mat, it gives you immediate and long term support for your feet.

The relatively hard top makes sure that you are firm in your footing. And that you can use most types of footwear while using an Anti-Fatigue Mat (Avoid very sharp high heels)

You can get Anti-Fatigue mats in various sizes. The more popular ones are the rectangular shape with the following measurements - 20 Inches X 39 Inches X 0.75 Inch.

They come in various colors. The more popular ones are brown and black.

You can also get anti-fatigue mats that are round or semi-circular. And special shapes for use by salons . Additionally, hotels and bars can get custom made anti fatigue mats

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