About Us.

We are living in times where online destinations are boasting of millions of products and most of the products are available everywhere and are me too as they are daily use products. The uniqueness and uncommonness is completely absent thereby making the shopping experience very boring. IOMOTO is an anti thesis to this way of shopping.

Welcome folks to, perhaps, the world's smallest catalogue.

And it really takes enormous effort to make the worlds smallest catalogue shopping destination because its not about what you want in the catalogue, its all about what you don’t want to have in your catalogue. 

IOMOTO is 'curated, unique, uncommon and high consumer insight meets specific consumer need' destination.

We deal in very few products that aim to solve a deep consumer need or insight and one that helps improve the quality of life or your experience. A highly motivated & enthusiastic bunch of global merchandisers, consumer insight & sourcing team spend tons of hours searching for unique items that really add value to peoples lives and go about sourcing products from across the globe and bring it right to your doorstep. At affordable rates.

Our endeavor is to keep vowing you regularly with unique ideas that you can buy for yourself or gift your loved ones. So go ahead and live the IOMOTO life ! Unclutter your shopping experience.