Anti-Sleep Driver Alarm

Anti-Sleep Driver Alarm

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Nap  Alarm is a creative lifesaving anti-drowsiness alarm which is practically life saving. It has a position sensor and is worn over the ear. When the driver’s head nods forward, it vibrates immediately wake him / her. It can be equally helpful for all other people who need to stay alert while on duty, like machine operator, security guard and also the students while studying. 


  • When the head is lowered 15 degree – 20 degree, Nap Alarm alerts by sounding an alarm
  • Long-distance and night  drivers can really get benefitted by this Nap Alarm
  • Comfortable for long-wear and easy to use
  • It can be switched On or Off easily


  • Size:  approx: 4*6cm, weight: 100grams
  • Material: ABS , metal , plastic         
  • Color: Black, Silver    
  • Use: Anti-sleep alarm for drivers 
  • Remark: 1 x LR44 button cell Battery included